September Mantra: It's all happening.

Time to get cozy.

That's right. It's all happening. Right now. Your life, your story. And I say let's just sink into it— the good, the bad, the chaos, the pleasure and all the in-between.

During the Golden Hour, time seems to stop for a moment. The light is memorizing and there is a stillness in the air.

It's like the sun is speaking to us:

"Look around you. What do you see, feel hear. . . "

Do you think the sun is giving us a chance to get comfortable for a moment, so we can experience the radiance of our own life? I'd like to think so. September is such a sweet time as we enter a new season, a new chapter, a new opportunity to see things differently. I hope you are reminded to take time to love the moment this month.

It’s all happening.

Amber McDermidComment