Who We Are

Elder & Co. is a woman-owned candle company based in Asheville, NC that offers an array of handcrafted (“hand-poured”) scented soy candles. The candles are sold online and are also available in over 40 retail stores throughout the United States. These handcrafted candles allow people to experience natural elements and fulfill the desire to experience a connection with nature. Inspired by a deep love and reverence for the outdoors, Elder & Co. infuses this passion into its products, to recreate the feeling of being spiritually moved by nature.


Elder & Co.’s mission is to help people keep an ever-present connection with nature and its higher spiritual wisdom by creating candles that evoke memories of being outdoors. We’re inspired by the belief that the rocks, rivers, mountains and trees are not only here to protect and sustain us, but also to guide and teach us about ourselves and each other.




Amber McDermidComment