Our Team

We like keeping things real simple around here. 

Am and Josh Polaroid.JPG

Amber Adams + Joshua Niven

(and friends)

Hi! We are Amber and Joshua. The Scorpio and Leo duo behind Elder & Co. Together we conceptualize, design, hand-pour, label and ship every candle, with the help of our family and friends during the busy season. Candle production takes place in our studio located in the heart of Asheville's River Arts District. We also do a lot of creative work from our cabin, nestled in the woods of Marshall, NC.

A bit about each of us:

Amber likes: books, astrology, the desert and quiet mornings. She lives on Instagram at @amber_n_adams.

Josh likes: skateboarding, river surfing, local metal shows and adrenaline rushes. He lives at the Foundation Skatepark and on Instagram at @joshu_niven.