Parks & Trails

Appalachian Trail

Woody notes of Balsam, Pine and Cedar
Symbols: Woodsy | Grounding | Strength & Fortitude 


Mystical notes of Patchouli, Sandalwood and hints of Cedar.
Symbols: Earthy and Woodsy | Grounding | Centering & Perspective

Grand Canyon

Peaceful notes of Agave, Willow, Vetiver and hints of Lavender.
Symbols: Earthy & Herbaceous and Floral | Calming | Wonder & Joy

Great Smokies

Floral notes of Wild Honeysuckle with hints of Jasmine and Lilac.
Symbols: Floral and Clean | Uplifting & Calming | Faith & Hope

Joshua Tree

Bright notes of Cactus and sweet Agave. 
Symbols: Citrus & Sweet | Uplifting and Energizing | Creativity & Visioning 

Pacific Crest Trail

Deep notes Redwood with Mandarin, Moss and a hint of Amber. 
Symbols: Citrus & Sweet and Earthy | Grounding | Creativity & Visioning 


Fresh notes of Forest Fern and Lily with a hint of wood.
Symbols: Herbaceous and Clean | Uplifting | Reflection & Meditation