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Inspired by the belief that the Rocks, Rivers, Mountains and Trees are not only here to protect and sustain us, but to also guide and teach us. 

 Photo by Lexi Adams

Photo by Lexi Adams


Have you ever hiked up a mountain and felt the overwhelming sensation of your own strength and ability to overcome difficult terrain?

Or sat by a river and felt your worries drift away as yours eyes became fixed on the ever-flowing current.

How many times have you looked up at the stars in complete wonder and awe of our universe. . . feeling curious, hopeful or humble. . .

There is no denying the spiritual power of Nature and the role it plays in uplifting and inspiring us.

When I was thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail I had the opportunity to intimately experience this spiritual force and have felt like a disciple or devotee of the trail since then. There is something that happens internally, when you are waking up with the rising sun, drinking only from the mountain streams, sleeping on the ground, cooking over an open fire and talking to the songbirds.

I began to feel, see and hear nature differently. Almost like, a parent or grandparent. . . For the first time, I felt really connected to the natural world. I imagined that this is what our great ancestors felt like. A few years later, I was standing in Arches National Park in front of these giant rock formations, when I felt the same spiritual force surrounding me.

I heard so clearly the word: E L D E R. And quickly made the connection that Nature was truly guiding me every step of the way.

We live in a time where many of us have to actively pursue experiences to deeply connect with nature. However, it doesn't have to be as extreme as living in the woods for an extended number of days or even climbing tall mountains just to receive nature’s good tidings and messages. There are simple ways to keep a strong connection to the natural world such as planting a small garden or taking trip to a nearby river or simply lighting a candle that evokes nature. And that's where we come in! :)

Our candles are created with natural fragrance oils that uplifts, comforts and grounds . . . just as nature does.

They are infused with our passion of wild and wonderful places.

They reflect the grandeur of our most treasured lands.

They are a bridge for our spirits to connect with those that were here before us.

And we hope they serve you well. 

Happy trails, love & candle light, 


Zion National Park Holes

Our Mission

To help people keep an ever present connection with nature and its higher spiritual wisdom by creating candles that evoke memories of being outdoors.

Arches National Park Elders

A Vision of Connection

"I envision our candles being a symbol of the wild places that people love. They will accompany house plants, healing stones and photos of natural settings, all to keep people close to nature while indoors." - Amber, owner